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Kirkland SDA School Staff
The administration, staff and teachers at Kirkland SDA School are committed to providing students with high academic standards.  They believe a student's success is based on a balance of the spiritual life as well as the social, academic and physical.  As leaders and mentors, the teachers and staff at KSDA School are an integral part of school activities including community service projects, music, and athletic events, providing guidance as well as scholastic instruction.  To meet the teachers for each grade, go to classes.  For telephone extensions, click here.
Principal - Linda Taber  loves to work with students!  She has extensive teaching experience, including multi-grade elementary, Kindergarten, Pre-school, high school teaching and administration, and adjunct professor for psychology.  After 24 years of teaching her passion for Christian education has never been greater.
Mrs. Taber graduated from Andrews Academy and attended Andrews University before transferring to Penn State University where she received a Bachelor of Elementary Education, followed up with a Master's degree in Human Services and Counseling. She also received various endorsements, and continues to take classes toward a PhD in Educational Administration.  She is married to Loren Taber who is also a teacher and has three children. Read more about Linda Taber’s perspectives on Adventist Christian education.
Vice Principal – Cary Ursino
Mrs. Ursino has taught for 23 years.  She graduated from Walla Walla College with a B.S. in Elementary Education.  She has Washington State Endorsements in Reading, History, and Business Education.
Her goal for KSDA students is to make classrooms active, learning environments academically and spiritually.  She believes that students learn best in a safe community environment and strives to make that a goal here on the campus.  She encourages all students “To honor Christ, to know Him, and to serve Him.”
IT Director – Vladimir Bokov
Mr. Bokov holds a degree in theology from Andrews University. In his sixth year at KSDA School / Puget Sound Adventist Academy, Mr. Bokov is the technology director, and teaches multi-media.
His goal is to help his students become comfortable in a technical world where everything is going digital. He also helps the staff utilize the latest technology for the classroom at a highly competent level.

Office Manager – Erin Decker
Erin was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, living most of her life on the "eastside".  She has over 14 years of administrative experience having worked in several divisions over 13 years at Microsoft as well as most recently serving as the Marketing & Administrative Coordinator for a national member organization.

Erin hopes to bring all her skills and abilities to keep the front office running smoothly and to always have a smile and a positive attitude.

Kathy Fridlund is the business manager for both Kirkland Seventh-Day Adventist School and Puget Sound Adventist Academy.
Brenden Rajah is the Athletics Director and Physical Education Teacher for PSAA and KSDA. Mr. Rajah graduated from Walla Walla University (WWU) with a degree in Physical Education. He grew up in Alberta, Canada, attended Parkview Adventist Academy and played varsity soccer, basketball and volleyball. While attending WWU, he played varsity soccer, organized the Fall Classic Tournament and assisted in other events such as the Friendship Tournaments. In addition, he coached volleyball and soccer at Walla Walla Valley Adventist Academy. He played division 2 hockey for 5 years. Mr. Rajah was also the head coach for the U16 Sweets Club Volleyball team and head coach for Roger's Elementary School 7-8th grade track team.

Mr. Rajah’s passions in life are sports, music and serving others. He says, “I am really excited about teaching at KSDA & PSAA. I hope to enhance the program, develop students and serve the community. Teaching students how to learn, love and respect one another is very important to my philosophy, as well as encouraging teamwork and problem solving. My vision is to help students and parents learn to have a daily active lifestyle, play sports and have fun!

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Founded in 1945